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We can assist you in Frankfurt or in any EU city, our VIP Services are in place to make your holiday Easy, Value & prearrangements. enjoy comfortable Shopping service with our personal service in order to meet your every wish.

We are happy to assist you in your trip to Germany or in any EU country, our VIP Services are easy with value & prearrangements. Enjoy maximum luxury in a comfortable way with personal service to meet your wishes.

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Unforgettable Dream Holiday in your Vacation Paradise

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air shipment

Jumping on Plane

The travel agency promise you: just a few clicks away from your dream holiday.
If you book the holiday you need only to jump in the plane.

Leisure programme in Relax way

Explore new places, cities, countries and expand your horizons.
Recharge your body, soul and mind.
Find the best balance for a healthy life.
You do not have to search for any solutions that is an important aspect especially after a hard working time.

Experiences, Adventures & Inspirations

The dream vacation what you desire is to be free from duties.
Exciting holidays with unforgettable adventure trips.
Inspire yourself to relieve from stress and boredom.
Everybody in the family experiences his personal dream holiday.

Luxury Labels Shopping & Healthy Traditional Food

Shop a lot of luxury labels and top designer brands and save a lot of money at the same time.
Enjoy healthy traditional German foods. Exclusive original country specialities in Germany.

Fly back

Home sweet home. Enjoy your flight back after your great holiday with a lot of wonderful experiences.

Welcome to reality. What Travellers are saying

Before your Trip

There is more to do than just jumping on a plane. Start with:
Valid passports.
Arrange car transportation to the airport.
Travel Visa applications and requirements.
Holiday Insurance, Travel documentation and Contact Numbers.
Credit or Debit cards.
Currency exchange.
Finding your way around a foreign airport.
Get along with foreign languages and not English speaking people.
Check-in at your airport.
Baggage Checking weight and limits, or you have excess baggage cost.
Flight Tickets/Boarding Pass.
Departure security Boarding inspection area.
The holiday destination Restrictions and Duties & taxes.
Boarding security Passport inspection area.
Searching for boarding gate.
Waiting for the Plane.

During your tripDuring your trip

  • Try to adapt to the local culture and country’s law. Even if some small behaviors are not considered in your home city, other areas may consider them offensive or even illegal.
  • Make sure to show the best decorum possible and respect the authorities.
  • Don’t use the public computers in your hotel.
  • Learn about the places you are traveling to.
  • Find a map of the country or city.
  • Memorize the major streets and landmarks.

Your DepartureYour Departure

  • Transportation to the Airport.
  • Travel documents.
  • How early do I need to arrive at the Airport?
  • The Airlines Check-In and baggage weight limits.
  • Baggage weight and limits.
  • Excess Baggage cost.
  • Residue Currency Change back.
  • Country Restrictions and Tax Free Shopping.
  • Cash subject to declaration.
  • Validate by the customs your tax-free shopping document Procedures and queue.
  • VAT Refund Procedures and queue.
  • Personal Departure security Boarding inspection area.
  • Passport checks at the Airport Passport inspection area.
  • Find something to drink and eat in the boarding area.
  • Searching for the Boarding Gate.

Check in Queue

Check In procedure at the Airport always need a lot of time.

Documents Tax Free shopping

Tax Free shopping: tourists fill out the export documents at the airport.

Customs validation queue

In order to get VAT Refund tourists have to get the Customs validation at the Tax Free shopping documents

Validate the documents

The Customs has to see your items before you leave EU and validate the Tax Free shopping documents

Refund VAT Queue

Waiting queue for the VAT Refund counter.

We’re with you every step of the way

We offer the best VIP service for you and fulfill every wish.



Just tell us what you desire during your stay in Frankfurt and we can assist you in planning in order to safe money and time.


We can arrange for you the time table for e.g. Frankfurt attraction tickets, ordering items from any shop or arrange doctor appointments even before you come to Germany.

Shop & Ship

Our Shop and Ship customer service is happy to assist you in picking up your shopping items,  easy VIP transportation and expedited shipping.

Tax free shopping

Save Money and Time and let us assist you with the Tax Free shopping.

Exclusive Service

Enjoy our VIP Service.
Exclusive support with highest value in Germany.

Shopping in Frankfurt

Shopping everywhere you want until you drop is a possibility here in Frankfurt. If what you are looking for is an excellent dose of shopping therapy – the malls and shopping centers that the city has will be perfect for you. A ton of things and services waits for you inside their best malls. Here, accessibility, selection, and convenience VIP Service come together.

Pre- Arrival we arrange for you your wishes

Our VIP Service will arrange for you and planning your time depend on your wishes in order to have the best resolut and you have the most profitable and luxury holiday

Online Planning

Easy Consultations

Call us any time

Use our experiences

 VIP Service Holiday

Use other’s VIP experiences service to plan your dream Holiday. Booking our Service online, E-Mail or even by Telephone, Look also how friends and family’s experiences with Top Alpha Service say, Try to avoid mistakes that have been made by a lot of other tourists in EU or Germany. Contact us Online, review our services can help you choose the best attraction, the restaurant in your dreams holiday, the attraction in German Hotels and often contain many other useful Idee to get the best of your vacation.


Lots of questions have been raised about Frankfurt, its facility services and so much more. Now, we will tackle and answer each of them.


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Do I need a visa for Germany?

Usually, residents from EU member states, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland do not require an entry visa. Also, this applies to the people of the USA, Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Canada, Israel, Japan and Australia. Residents of non-EU Member States are required to apply for a visa to go to Germany.

Where can I get a visa for Germany?

If going to Germany really suits your interest and planning to apply for a visa for Germany, you will be referred to the German diplomatic mission (consulate/embassy) in your household country. You will receive an initial entry visa or a 1-year visa upfront. An initial entry visa allows you to extend your stay after your arrival in Germany.

After my arrival, where and when do I need to register as an official resident of Frankfurt?

If you’ll be staying in Germany for over 3 months, you are required to register as a resident of Frankfurt with the Registration Office. There are many offices you can find across the town. You only need to tell your present address in Frankfurt and take your passport.

Is the place really guarantee unique cultural experience?

Definitely, yes! The Main River’s both sides are lined with a comprehensive range of top museums. The southern bank itself is home to 9 museums, which include Deutsches Architektumuseum and Museum Giersch.

Is tax-free shopping guaranteed?

German law has very strict requirements, in the main time is really fair, if we follow the rules then we can be guaranteed a Tax-Free Shopping. Frankfurt is in fact known for being a perfect place for tax-free shopping. Thus, it is suited for shoppers who are in search of quality designer buys but want to get rid of taxes. Zeil, Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof and Goethestraße are some of the popular shopping streets in Frankfurt, which lines with smaller boutiques and department stores.


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