Excess Baggage

Excess Baggage Costs

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting to an airport just to find out that you have overpacked, and now have to pay a grossly inflated fee to take your luggage with you.
Airports often increase this price exorbitantly as they know that you do not have many options, especially when your flight is only an hour away.
However, with proper planning, you can avoid these costly excess baggage costs, even if you do need to take all that extra luggage along with you for the journey.

Now you don't have to put yourself in that position anymore, you have to think about shipping excess baggage, packages and goods to avoid standing long at the airport and wasting time and paying a lot of money for you, your luggage and excess weight to pass.
Having problems because of the excess weight with you during your trip to the airport shortly before your flight makes you end your journey with a lot of problems and this is not for you and that is why we are available to serve you and help you during your journey,
we bear the shipment of excess baggage, personal belongings, goods and anything you want until you finish your journey happy end without any problem.Excess Baggage Costs
Avoid high charge price for excess baggage from the airlines we offer Excess Luggage Services.

We offer an excess baggage service whereby we transport your extra luggage to the destination of your choice. Whether you would like your baggage to be flown, shipped, or driven to the destination is completely up to you. By contacting us beforehand and letting us know the weight of the luggage you want to be transported, we can easily give you an accurate estimate relating to the price that is required for you to do so.
It is important to note that different modes of transport have different delivery times as well as different pricing options.

We allow you to send your luggage anywhere around the world, whether you are just going on a much-needed holiday or choosing to relocate entirely.
By using the service we provide, you can travel without carrying any luggage at all, while being able to take as much with you as you desire.
This eliminates the pesky charges that you have to pay to take your bags with you on an airplane.

Do you want to ship some packages, excess baggage, and more?

When you're done spending your trip, you've bought a lot of things, and you've got a lot of personal belongings and excess baggage, so you don't get to stand at the airport in a very long line to find your bags, and you're surprised to pay a lot of money for extra weight to go through all the baggage, which will cause you a lot of inconveniences and disrupt the plane's appointment.

Therefore, the shipping service is the best solution for you, as you can ship all your luggage and travel without any luggage that causes inconvenience to you and pass through the airport without disrupting anything and finish your journey without any problem.
We provide you with a door-to-door shipping service and from start to finish, you can choose the type of shipping whether air freight or shipping, and we will take all the steps of the task of shipping and delivering your belongings and luggage to you on time, we develop a detailed plan for the shipment we explain to you when you book with us shipping anything, we have fast shipping service, standard shipping and accelerated shipping to ensure that shopping and luggage items arrive quickly.

Benefit excess baggage service Benefit excess baggage services

By choosing to use us for the transport of your baggage, you get to avoid standing in the long lines to check in your bag, as well as being able to avoid the ridiculous price tags that they associate with being allowed to take your bag with you. We offer extremely affordable prices that anyone can afford. This means that you can take as much baggage as you want anywhere you go, without having to worry about paying a ridiculous price to do so.
We offer a door-to-door luggage shipping service, meaning that we deliver your luggage directly to the place where you are staying.

This means that you can avoid having to go anywhere to collect your belongings, making the entire process as simple and straightforward as possible.
This makes the entire process much easier than it would be if you had to do it through the airport. All you have to do is enlist our help, pack your bag, and wait for us to come and collect it from your front door.
This does away with the need for lines and also improves the convenience of it all. We also offer express delivery to Germany, as well as a variety of other countries situated in Europe.

This means that should you be traveling to any of these countries, the process becomes much speedier and more convenient. Should the luggage not arrive on time, we understand the inconvenience this may cause, and therefore guarantee you your money back.
By doing this we promise that all your luggage arrives on the specified date, meaning you no longer have to sit around wondering when your bag is expected to arrive.

How to Avoid high excess Luggage charges

Excess BaggageThere is no need to wait around for airlines to check your bags in, and simultaneously charge you ridiculous prices for simply allowing you to take your luggage with you when you travel. Rather, contact us, so that we can assist you in getting your luggage to your destination in a much easier and convenient manner.
We also guarantee that you can save a lot of money by using us. Airlines have exponentially higher rates than the ones we use, meaning that not only can we make your life a lot easier, but we can also save you a lot of money in the process.

What is excess baggage?

It is the amount of baggage that is above the free allowance in size, weight, or quantity authorized for the traveler or the passenger in the flight from the airlines.

What is the standard free baggage allowance?

Each airline has its policies and procedures concerning interest.
Free baggage policy can also be different within the airline itself depend on the ticket’s category. Usually, airline policies depend on where the flight goes and comes from.

How can I find out my luggage allowance policy?

Any details about the airline’s excess baggage policy can be seen on your flight tickets or the airline’s website or by visiting the reservations desk.

Why the airlines did not have a standard free luggage policy?

It’s a different rule that is applied when tickets are executed by various airlines. Restrictions vary based on carrier companies, route, cabin, season, and airline program. Regularly, any specific booking has its accurate conditions which are mentioned in the ticket information.
Do you want to travel without any problems and anxiety?
When you travel from any other country to another country you need to finish your journey without any problem since when you have a large number of bags and excess luggage or some personal belongings
and heavy luggage it exposes you at the airport to wait a lot to get your bags and sometimes you need to pay a lot of money because of the excess weight to pass through the airport with all your bags,
Therefore, you can avoid all this and travel without any hassle and anxiety and pass through the airport in a few minutes without looking too much by contacting us before your travel and shipping all your belongings and bags and we will receive them from you and deliver them to you immediately after your arrival on the agreed date.
Don't hesitate too much now just contact us or book through our website and we will take over all shipping details from the ground up without making you under any pressure and anxiety due to your bags and finish your journey safely and happily and enjoy your time because we realize the value of time so we help you exploit it and enjoy every moment without fatigue and without wasting any minute of it.

Excess Baggage
What our company is interested in shipping excess baggage, cargo, packages, and more.
Our company is interested in providing a shipping service with a high level of efficiency, accuracy, security, and safety that ensures the arrival of the shipment without any damage to it, when the customer chooses us it puts all confidence in us
and therefore we must be at our best to ensure that each customer reaches its shipment from start to end safely as it is, we in our company offer you a high-level shipping service for luggage, packages, shopping items and personal belongings from door to door.

Where we seek to be our services distinctive provide you with everything you are looking for, we take over the task of delivering your luggage immediately where we receive it from you and deliver it to the place you want on time, where we care to rid you of anxiety and inconvenience and waste the time that can happen to you at the airport when tracking your personal belongings and luggage and we guarantee you a quiet and enjoyable journey
And all this makes shipping simple and fun a lot saves you a lot, just all you have to use us and tell us everything you want to ship and we will get you anywhere you want and take the shipment from you in front of your home and deliver it to the specified place in a quick time and also at a special price varies depending on the type of shipping you choose as well as the weight of the shipment.

- Our company provides a fast shipping service in the EUROPEAN Union, Germany and to and from all countries of the world.
- Our company is characterized by providing a special shipping price, which varies depending on the distance and weight of the shipment and the choice of a shipping type.
- We have a special air freight and shipping service and fast delivery service.
- We explain to each customer details about the shipment and determine its weight, shipping cost, and approximate date of arrival.

Services provided by our company:

We provide you with the best services you can need in the shipping process, as we always strive to provide you with all the comforts to finish your journey without the inconvenience and enjoy every moment in your time, we take charge of all the necessary procedures and care to deliver the shipment to you immediately without any delay, we have a lot of experience in these services for many years, and these services we offer:

- VIP Service
- Excess Baggage
- Air Freight
- Ocean Freight
- Shop & Ship
- Shipping Service
- Transport

The best shipping solutions in the EU and other countries

If you want to avoid paying a lot of money to transport excess baggage through shipping companies, you should contact us and we will take over that task, we take over the cargo services to and from where you want when you call us and inform us of the weight of the shipment and its contents and where you want to reach it we will inform you of the approximate price of shipping to be aware enough of the details.
You should know very well that we help you send and ship all your luggage and personal belongings from within the EU to any country with ease and ease, all you have to do is choose the type of shipping whether it is shipping or air freight and we will also take over the task of shipping and delivery from the beginning until the shipment reaches you again.