Air Freight Services

Air Freight service is one of the most effective methods in cargo freight or air freight excess baggage for the traveler. Read More

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Air Freight Services

International travel is a frustrating experience, especially with cargo freights. When you transport specific items across the EU, you want to make sure everything is intact by the time it arrives. Otherwise, you can expect to pay extra for additional luggage at the airport.

Air freight is the solution to this problem. When you fly to your next destination, you can rely on this method of transportation for your belongings. Don’t waste time at the airport trying to figure everything out. We can do all the hard work for you. Our company fully understands the importance of what air freight can do for you. We prioritize your comfort and convenience with our state-of-the-art technology and logistics.

Importance of Air Freightair-freight-vs-ocean-freight

One of the most effective methods in cargo freight is through the air. There are several benefits to air freight. For example, you can reduce the risks of package theft thanks to extra security measures. Airport security has a better chance at protecting your belongings when they are kept inside the airport. Due to the tightly managed cargo, it’s less likely you damage your goods before they arrive. We remain confident in our ability to deliver your belongings safely and soundly.

When you need to send your cargo anywhere at any time, you need air freight services. It’s a fast method with better departure times, along with extra security. When you travel to Germany, you can rest assured everything is where it needs to be. Consider what we can do for you with our services.

VIP Services

We offer a good selection of VIP Services. You can sit back and relax in the VIP lounge while we take care of the check-in process. It’s entirely tax-free, too, so you don’t have to worry about expenses. We also help you shop for Germanic souvenirs. You can buy items at the airport shops, while we pick them up from the store and ship it to your location. We can send it anywhere within the EU, including Germany.

Excess Baggage

One of the main benefits of our shipping is it’s a cost-effective measure. Airports are likely to charge extra for your luggage, especially if it exceeds the weight limit. You can skip the long queues with our air freight excess baggage. You can expedite a small amount of your weight allowance. These items arrive at your location faster than the rest of them, so consider picking the most important ones.
To make things easier for you, we offer unaccompanied baggage. It’s a better value for you in the long run since you save time and money through this particular method. Our professional team makes this a viable alternative to paying excess baggage fees. You can expect fast and efficient response times with your luggage.


Air freight allows us to transport your goods via the sky. Through this parcel delivery system, we can handle specific items at a faster rate. Air freight is a safe and reliable way to ship various goods across the EU. Be mindful of strict regulations for hazardous materials, however. We can discuss what you can bring for your trip across the continent.
Depending on your transmit time, we try to work around the best schedule for these shipments. Air delivery is faster, but we also want to make sure it gets to the right destination. That’s why we use a tracking system to ensure your shipment arrives without delay.

Our transportation services are not only air freight but also include international sea freight. It allows for extra room capacity, so you can store more belongings through this method. While slower than air, sea freight is much cheaper in the long run. It’s also an eco-friendly means of shipping since it leaves a smaller carbon footprint than airplane travel.

No matter which method of transportation you prefer, we can place your trust within our services. With years of experience, we dedicate ourselves to getting you from Point A to Point B, all within a reasonable time frame.


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