Air Freight

Have you used air freight before?
Travel is fun and useful for people whether it's traveling for work or traveling for fun and vacation and special time with relatives or parents,
but some things can make it very bad and a boring experience:
luggage, excess baggage and goods you buy during your trip and personal belongings.
All of which affect you during travel and make your journey go through complications and some problems that you experience at the airport because Having some excess baggage with you or because of the weight excess weight available to you since each passenger has a specific weight should not exceed it and if it is increased, a sum of money is paid in return for each kilogram plus the weight specified for the passenger until the person travels with all his bags from the airport,
This causes inconvenience to many people and causes tension for them, especially if there are a few hours on the date of take-off, but all of this can end by shipping all your baggage or excess baggage through air freight, which handles all shipping procedures from start to finish without worrying and exposing yourself to a lot of trouble and anxiety and travel and enjoys your trip without wasting any minute waiting for the bags and counting them and Make sure it's your bags and other things.

Air Freight

Air Freight ServicesAir Freight Services

Airfreight is the perfect solution to get rid of any problem that can occur inside the airport because of your bags or any excess baggage you have or any goods, now you do not have to stand in the long lines at the airport to wait for your bags and waste your time especially after passing your flight and you may have a feeling of fatigue and do not want to wait more time, where you can now use us and to ship your excess luggage or bags and personal belongings and shopping items
We can also ship goods, which will save you a lot of time that was likely to be wasted waiting inside the airport and paying a lot of money to travel with all your luggage, as the air freight process offers you many advantages that make your journey much easier and better, At our company.
We provide you with a unique air cargo service that ensures that you get everything you want from and where you want. We take over the door-to-door shipping process with all the shipping details from the smallest to the largest to ensure that all shipped items arrive safely and safely without any damage and reach you as they are in their pre-shipment condition, so do not worry about anything you want to ship and use us and get rid of waiting at the airport before your flight and pay a lot of money to the airline As all you're looking for will be with us, where most people prefer air freight because of its many advantages, it's the most convenient choice for people.

The importance of air freight

Airfreight is one of the most effective ways to ship goods and luggage by air, where there are many benefits for air cargo, for example, you can reduce the risk of theft of the shipment thanks to the presence of additional security measures, in addition to the presence of airport security that provides a better opportunity to protect your luggage when kept inside the airport, it is unlikely to damage your cargo before it arrives at you We remain confident that we can deliver your luggage accurately, safely, and in record time.
When you need to send your luggage or quantity of goods and goods anywhere and at any time you will need air freight services that provide you with a lot of features, as it is a quick and safe way, besides the presence of additional safety of the cargo, when traveling to Germany you should rest assured that everything is where it should be so that your journey is enjoyable and happy and passes peacefully and calmly without any anxiety and tension We are thinking about what we can do for you through our services to provide you with a great deal of comfort, security and a happy and enjoyable time.

Air Freight

The most important thing that distinguishes air freight:

Airfreight is one of the best shipping routes because it is fast and saves time, but it is one of the most expensive shipping routes because it charges the cargo and delivers it in a little time, where many people prefer air freight because it is faster than shipping although shipping is cheaper than air freight, when the cargo wants to ship something and arrives in a few days it uses air freight to ensure that its shipment arrives immediately in a short time But sometimes shipping is preferred because it is cheaper and when a person does not need much for the speed of arrival of the shipment and also when a large number of goods and devices are shipped, shipping is the most appropriate.

Prohibited from shipping in European countries:

Laws and procedures vary according to the policy of each country, there are some things that are not shipped and you should know them in case you know what to ship and what not to ship, which is as follows:
The money: Money cannot be shipped inside envelopes or bags.
Food and cereals: Food and food grains cannot be shipped from a country outside the EU without the permission of the Swedish Council for Agriculture.
Weapons: It is forbidden to ship weapons of all kinds, explosives and bombs.
Medications: It is prohibited to ship medicines for use without the permission of the treating physician.
Animal medicines: It is forbidden to ship animal medicines except with the permission of a veterinarian.
Alcohol and tobacco: Certain quantities of alcohol and tobacco are allowed to enter without permission.

VIP services

We offer a good range of special services for you, where you can sit and relax in the VIP lounge while taking care of the check-in, this is completely tax-free as well, so you don't have to worry about spending more expenses, as we help you shop to buy souvenirs and all the shopping items you want, so you can buy items from Airport shops while we pick them up from the store and then ship them to your site We can also send it anywhere within the EU, including Germany.

Excess baggage

Excess Baggage ServicesOne of the main benefits of our shipping is that it is cost-effective and saves you a lot of money, airports are likely to charge an additional fee per kilogram plus in your luggage, especially if you exceed the maximum weight you are allowed. You can also skip long queues with excess baggage shipping service by air cargo, where you can choose some of your bags or choose the most important personal belongings and bags and send them by air freight and will arrive quickly, as they may arrive before the rest of the luggage with you, so consider choosing the most important of which are the difficulties and we will help you ship them immediately and will arrive safely and without any damage to them at all.
To make things easier for you, we offer you unaccompanied baggage, as it is a better value for you in the long run in terms of saving time and money through this particular method, our distinguished professional team makes this a viable alternative to paying excess baggage fees, where you can expect quick and effective response times for your luggage and cargo to arrive safely and accurately.

The process of transportation and its importance:

Air Freight servicesAir freight is a quick means of shipping, where we are allowed to transport your goods through the sky within hours, and through this system we can ship bags and excess baggage and deliver parcels and ship goods and goods and others from any country to another through the EUROPEAN Union as well as Germany, where we can deal with specific items through a faster rate of shipping Air freight is a safe, fast and reliable way to ship different goods across the EU, however strict regulations must be observed for hazardous and prohibited materials, we can discuss what you can bring for your trip across the continent depending on your transmission time, and we are trying to work on the best schedule for shipping and arrival of these shipments, in addition to the fact that air delivery is faster than any other means of shipping, but we also want to make sure that the shipment is going in a way Safe, safe and without any complications that cause any delay on the scheduled arrival date, which is why we use a tracking system to ensure that your shipment arrives without delay and arrives on the agreed date and in record time without any problems.

TopAlpha packages Our company's advantages in air freight and shipping

VIP services We offer VIP services (VIP) which provide a lot of trouble for every traveler.
shipping excess baggage We offer the service of shipping excess baggage, bags, shopping items, goods and goods.
international transport We provide you with everything you are looking for and want from international transport, air freight and shipping services.
shipment We have premium shipping prices that vary depending on the weight of the shipment and the distance.
VIP shipping We always care about the smallest details when shipping until your shipment arrives safely for you.
VIP shipment We care about the arrival of the shipment to you on time and consider the agreement with the client.
VIP lounge access We use a tracking system to ensure that your shipment arrives without delay and arrives on the agreed date.

What our company seeks when providing shipping service to our customers:

Our company offers the highest level of efficiency and we are happy to help you ship and on your journey to Germany or any country in the European Union or any other country, as we provide our VIP services efficiently and effectively as well as through a high level of accuracy and security, as we seek to provide you with a great deal of luxury, pleasure, and comfort in shopping and the service of transportation and shipping so that you can From having a good time without having to take the trouble of transporting shopping goods, luggage, goods, bags, and others.
Our transportation services are not only limited to air freight but also include international shipping, it allows additional room capacity so that you can store more luggage through this method, while shipping is slower than air and takes many days, but shipping is much cheaper in the long run, and shipping is also characterized as an environmentally friendly means of shipping because it leaves a smaller carbon footprint than flying.
Regardless of the means of transportation, you prefer in shipping, you can put your trust in our services that we offer you, as we have years of long experience in the made-up international shipping routes, and we dedicate ourselves to getting a special service from point A to point B, and do not bear any fatigue and no tension from start to finish because we take all of this in a reasonable time frame suitable for you and seek comfort for you and have fun time All you have to do is use us and wait for your shipment to arrive safely for you immediately without any complications.
If you want to ship anything whether it's bags, excess baggage, or goods, just contact us and choose the preferred shipping method suitable for you, and we'll tell you when the shipment will arrive for you and don't worry because we're going to take care of all the details and you'll get your shipment as it is without any damage because we care about its proper arrival and in the initial condition we received it. Get in touch with us now and get everything you want because your comfort is in one place with us.