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Medical Treatment tourism in Germany

Germany is one of the leading countries in the field of medical tourism,
where Germany ranks second in the world after the state of Switzerland in medical tourism, and many people prefer to go to Germany for medical treatment,
where a lot of money is spent to organize hospitals in Germany as well as to buy diagnostic equipment and therapeutic devices and to conduct medical analysis and scientific research.Medical treatment

The main reasons people go for Medical treatment in Germany:

There are a lot of reasons why people travel for treatment in Germany and this is due to a lot of reasons we will mention some of them.
International standards: The description of diagnosis and the therapeutic stage is done in Germany exclusively under international standards, and not only based on the opinions of doctors, but hospitals also use high-quality medical products that are produced specifically for EU countries.
Robotic surgery: In many German hospitals use robotic surgeons, but this is done under the supervision and management of doctors, as it is an advantage that they perform operations safer with very thin incisions while helping with less blood loss than normal surgery.

Use high-quality devices:

You should know that the risk of complications after these interventions is much lower, as hospitals are interested in using high-quality devices to complete laparoscopic surgery, as well as to make a robotic catheter to treat heart rhythm disorders.
Innovative methods of Medical treatment: There are many university hospitals in Germany that play a major role in participating in research activities.

The role of modern medical innovations in Germany:

Germany has the most important and latest medical innovations, which have a very large role in medical treatment, where all modern innovations in therapeutic medical practice are introduced quickly, and we will present some of them in the following:
- Linear accelerators are used in the process of destroying tumors in the places of cancer centers in Germany, this method is completely contrary to radiation therapy, as it is characterized by the fact that it does not harm healthy tissues in the body in practice.
- For men living with HIV, it is possible to purify the ejaculation of men infected with HIV, and then it becomes easy to use their sperm in the IVF process.

Germany's "medical errors" law:

In Germany, a number of years ago the Medical Errors Act was introduced, this law for every patient including all patients who come from abroad for treatment in Germany, and the law stipulate that every patient has the right to:

- Choose the doctor and the medical institution he wants to get a second opinion regarding the recommended Medical treatment regimen.
Information on the health of the sick person is not entitled to be disclosed.
- Use the most effective and modern methods and methods in treatment.
- Receive all the information fully about the patient's in germany

German technology and its role in the field of health care and medicine:

Despite Germany's superiority in the fields of Medical treatment, this is due to a very important reason, one of the most important factors that played an important role in Germany's superiority in the field of health care and medicine,
in general, is technological excellence, since Germany is one of the most important countries in the world that manufactures and exports modern technologies in the world,
especially medical technologies and this is the beginning of modern medical speakers and surgical binoculars as well as radiographs and MRI devices, Germany has therefore revolutionized medical technology.

Germany's role in endoscopic surgery:

Germany has always sought to be undisputed in the field of endoscopic surgery and to be a leader in this field,
because of the new trend in the field of surgery at the moment in the world, and the German surgeon "Ersh Moha" was the first to use endoscopic in the process of corpectomy,
and the endoscopes in our time are the revolution of the future in the world of surgical procedures,
it has many advantages and characteristics that have made it a tremendous ability in surgical operations.
It excels in cutting surgery, and its most important features include:

  • Binoculars only need a small wound in the body through which to enter the endoscope for the operation.
  • Binoculars are very accurate in targeting areas where surgery is performed accurately.
  • The most important characteristic of binoculars is the low risk of surgical contamination.
  • The use of binoculars in surgeries is characterized by not leaving them for any deformity or scars at the site of the surgery.

The most important diseases treated in Germany:

Germany outperforms all countries of the world in the Medical treatment of tumors,
especially gastrointestinal tumors such as pancreatic cancer, colon, intestines, liver, and rectum. Germany is also distinguished from other countries of the world in the field of spinal and orthopedic surgery, from injuries of major and major accidents and regular fractures,
through congenital malformations in children, and ending with bone tumors of various kinds as well the installation of prosthetic limbs.

Recently, Germany has shown that it is one of the best countries in the world in the field of treatment of viral hepatitis B and C,
which is very widespread in the Arab countries and the Middle East, especially Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

There is a large list of many different diseases that Germany excels in its Medical treatment such as neurological diseases, various skin diseases, stem cell therapy,
treatment of various heart diseases, whether congenital diseases or acquired diseases,
as well as the treatment of urinary tract diseases and the Medical treatment of complications of diabetes and pressure, as well as the treatment of infertility diseases, in addition to various cosmetic surgeries.medical tourism in germany

Heart surgery: Every year in Germany more than 120 thousand interventions are performed for heart surgery, where simple interventions are performed as much as possible,
when operating on the coronary artery the surgeon performs an incision 4 times smaller than the standard size,
which reduces the patient's healing period and reduces the number of complications, and the heart valves are replaced without making incisions in the chest at all,
A special catheter is therefore used, which is injected through a hole in the femoral artery. R

Neurosurgery: People go to Germany mostly to treat hernias between the vertebral,
where the success of such operations exceeds 90%, and German neurosurgeons remove tumors from the central nervous system,
and many operations are performed through the use of endoscopic methods and methods,
and some tumors can be removed through the nose without making a hole in the skull,
Neurosurgery is performed under the great control of the micro-neural steering system, which increases its accuracy.

Orthopedic surgery: In German hospitals, a large number of industrial joint transplants are performed and performed,
where these operations are performed through incisions twice smaller than standard incisions, and this reduces the period of early rehabilitation of patients because the wound using these methods heals faster,
as the prosthetics are installed through the use of robot systems, and in German hospitals, more than 11 thousand specialists work in the field of orthopedics and sports medicine.

Screening and Medical treatment rates in Germany:

The prices of medical services in Germany are the same as those of the German state and for persons residing in other countries,
where payment is made before the start of diagnosis and Medical treatment,
and the person pays a deposit to the hospital account and if you keep unspent funds after the examination and completion of the course of treatment, they are returned to the patient.

Approximate prices for services:

  • Consult an oncologist for €350.
  • Chemotherapy (e.g., castration sperm tumor) from €5,215.
  • Chemical embolism (e.g., in liver cancer) from €26,831.
  • Medical Treatment of prostate cancer with lutetium from € 22,700
  • Stem cell transplantation (e.g. diabetes) from €17,650.
  • Neurorehabilitation per day average price of €904.

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