Freight Service Policy

Some common terms in Freight Services process

Shipping Service policy:

A shipping policy or bill of lading is a document establishing a contract between the customer and the shipping center and the carrier.

Cargo carriers

The carrier for the cargo is the cargo carrier and this is by air freight or shipping.

Billing adjustment

This represents adjusting invoices with unpaid shipping costs as reported to the carrier.

Blind charge

The blind shipment uses a shipping bond or shipping policy that does not provide information to the customer or addressee.

Shipping companies

Shipping companies provide air and sea freight services or Ocean Freight to merchants and people.

Carrier corridors

Transport corridors are also known as shipping lanes and shipping lanes, and these corridors are important for shipping and transport companies.

Cargo containers

It is a truck trailer that can be separated and then loaded on a ship or rail vehicle or placed in warehouses.

Vehicle services

Vehicles refer to short distances that transport cargo containers.

Commercial trucking

This method refers to transport using any truck to transport goods across the roads.


The transport company is the company that provides the transportation of goods on behalf of customers at reasonable prices.

Freight discount

It is the process of understanding the factors that lead to shipping discounts that will help you save money.

Consignor / Consignee

The sender and addressee are very important elements of the shipment information and are shipping conditions.


The shipper is the person who asks the shipping company to ship his shipment, which is also called the customer or sender.

Standard shipping

This service provides cargo owners money by combining multiple shipments in a single mode of transport.

Density calculator

The density calculator is used to determine the density of the charge, which is a very important factor in the shipping category for shipment.

Cargo equipment

It is intended to transport heavy equipment and machines such as MRI machines, cameras, and others.

Real estate shipping

It is shipping goods and items sold during the sale of real estate or at an auction.

Expedited Freight Services

It is time-sensitive shipping that uses time-consuming and secure services, all to meet the delivery of shipments in a short time.

Express shipping services

This service includes delivering the shipment within a specified time frame and faster than normal shipping.

Freight agency

It is a broker that acts as a link between the customer and the shipping company.

Bill check

The process of checking the customer's shipment invoice through the carrier or shipping company to determine the remaining balance or the difference in the cost of the services provided.

Freight Service center

It is a specific place or area where shipments are collected and processed for shipment.

Freight class

The shipping category is a number between 50 and 500 and symbolizes the goods inside the shipment.

Freight Service companies

It is another name for shipping, transportation, or public transport companies.

Shipping cost

The cost of shipping can be determined by some variables, where the owner of the shipment can control some of them and change the cost.

Standardization of shipping

Standardization of shipping has the advantage of reducing the cost of the shipment by pairing several orders in a single ship or aircraft.

Freight lines

It is another name for the shipping or transport company.

Shipping quote

Is the estimated cost of the shipment before it is received and the shipment is measured and weighed.

Heavy Freight

It is a charge that often weighs more than 8,000 pounds, which takes up the space and maximum weight of the entire truck.

International Freight Service

Is the process of shipping shipments or any shipping transaction made from one country to another.


Hazmat is a material that is considered capable of creating an unreasonable destructive risk to the environment as well as human beings and their safety while transporting or using commercial or regular shipments or using them incorrectly or if stored incorrectly, they are therefore considered a very dangerous substance, including hazardous substances alcohol, fuel, Biochemical, explosives and pharmaceuticals.

Logistics Freight companies

Logistics shipping companies help companies in the process of transporting goods while simplifying their supply chain.

Transportation Brokers

They are a company that transports goods on behalf of customers, and this is done under a contract with transport companies and carriers based on assets and the client.

Charging furniture

It is a process of shipping furniture, and it is not easy at all, so if you need this service, you can contact us at Top Alpha, and we will be helping you.

3PL- Third-Party Logistics

It is an external provider of brokerage services in the shipping process and supply chain.

Shipping rates

Shipping rates are the rates that shipping companies charge for some of the services they provide based on a variety of factors.

Proof of delivery

This process is also known as delivery receipt, and proof of delivery is defined as serving three important shipping functions.

Personal effects

Another term is used for household goods or in general for personal property.

Parcel shipment

Parcel shipping is a standard package transported by a parcel shipping company, such as parcel service in the United States.

Not otherwise indicated: (NOI)

The abbreviation "not otherwise indicated" is the use of the associated calculator in order to determine the freight class of merchandise as well as merchandise not previously classified NMFCA.

Oversize Freight

It is the transportation of goods that are larger, wider or longer than other shipments because they need special specifications and certain shipping routes.

Moving Freight

It is a service that helps transport goods weighing more than 150 pounds or more or goods with a distance greater than 4 feet in most cases.

Motor Freight

Is the process of transporting goods by car carrier through public highways.

Motorcycle Shipping

Shipping a motorcycle is the process of transporting your bike to the place where you will need it next.

Lift gate

For the receipt or delivery of the shipment and the load is large and weighs so much that it is difficult for the individual to deal with it or carry it himself, then there will be a need for a lifting gate to help carry the shipment and move it from its place upon delivery or receipt.

Freight quote

It is the estimated cost of shipping goods or excess baggage, and others, before the shipping company receives the shipment and measures and weighs the shipment.


A corridor or road used by the shipping company, or carrier.

Government shipping

Both military and non-military agencies need government shipping services.

Freight Terminal

When the carrier or shipping company receives the incoming cargo, which is then prepared for reloading in a truck, rail vehicle, or onboard a ship or aircraft